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EDFG-G01, G03, G04, G06
Electro-Hydraulic Proportional Flow & Directional Control Valve
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Pressure Adjusting Range

Coil Resistance


G03 : 3/8"

G06 : 3/4"

C1 : 10~143 kgf/cm2 ( 1.0~14 Mpa )

H2 : 15.3~214 kgf/cm2 ( 1.5~21 Mpa )

3 : 15.3~286 kgf/cm2 ( 1.5~28 Mpa )

4 : 20~357 kgf/cm2 ( 2.0~35 Mpa )

D1 : 10Ω

D2 : 20Ω


1. Air Bleeding : In order to ensure stable control, loosen the air vent and bleed air from the valve before starting operation.

2. T Port Piping : When configuring piping, ensure that the T port (pilot valve T port for the G03, G04, and G06 sizes) is filled with operational fluid.

3. Manual Adjusting Screw : For the initial adjustment or when there is no input current to the valve due to an electrical problem or some other reason, the valve can be operated and valve pressure can be increased by rotating the manual adjustment screw clockwise (rightward). Normally, the manual adjusting screw should be rotated back fully to the left (counterclockwise).

4. Valve Mounting Orientation : Install the valve so the spool axis line is horizontal.

5. Combining with a Pressure Compensation Valve : Use of the optional pressure compensation kit is recommended when higher precision flow rate control is required or in high-pressure applications.

6. If pilot pressure exceeds 92 kgf/cm2 (9 Mpa) use a modular type P porter reduction valve (MBRV-02-P-1) at a setting of 20 kgf/cm2 (2 Mpa) (only forEDFG-G03, G04, G06).

7. On a system that requires large brake pressure during deceleration or a system that uses a vertical cylinder, equip a counter balance valve. Use a single rod, if the rod exit is not slowed sufficiently, use a counter balance valve on the rod.

8. Maintain hydraulic operational fluid contamination so it is at least Class 9.

9. Use an operating fluid that conforms to the both of the following.
Oil temperature: -20 to 70°C.
Viscosity: 12 to 400mm2/s.
The recommended viscosity range is 15 to 60mm2/s.